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Surrounded by 12 acres of lush subtropical landscaping, every home will open out onto a park with extensive lawns for recreation and relaxation.

The creek that meanders through the village is being restored as a string of landscaped ponds flowing from one to the other and cascading down the occasional small waterfall. Few lots are far from the sound of water.

Courtyard Gardens
Rivendell home gardens are a manageable size - big enough for a vine covered arbour, a few trees and flower beds, and to grow some salad vegetables and herbs; but not so big that they can't be completely paved over to make patios with no more than a few potted shrubs to tend.

Rainforest Area
Nimbin is surrounded by four world heritage listed national parks with some of the most pristine rainforests that Australia has to offer.

Within Rivendell we have our own rainforest remnant along the western and southern boundaries. It is being regenerated, and walking tracks are being added to improve amenity for residents.

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