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Rivendell has been designed as a full-featured settlement - one in which the major aspects of our lifestyle - residence, work, leisure, social life, and commerce are all represented.

The masterplan shows clustered housing set amongst ample green open space, incorporating four concentric rings:-
  • a green buffer zone around the entire periphery
  • a ring road for use by residents and their visitors
  • Rivendell's houses
  • the central park
There are two entrances for residents and their guests - one on the north, the other to the south-east. The ring road serves all houses, each with provision for a double garage. Parking for guests is distributed around the outer edge of the ring road. Houses all open out onto the central park which is a purely pedestrian precinct.

The main entrance and visitor parking area on the east serves the social and commercial area, which comprises the large atrium building - incorporating a guest house, interpretation centre, shops, offices, a restaurant and cafe - opening out onto the Village Square, the vibrant hub of village life.

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