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A Quality Work Environment
Since we spend about half our waking hours at work, the quality of our work environment should receive the same kind of attention as our home environment. Many long to escape a high stress office with its constant interruptions and staff politicking - not to mention the ill-effects of sick-building syndrome. Unfortunately, the loss of opportunity for social interaction can make working from home an unattractive option.

Rivendell is for those who want to work from home but don't want to lose the opportunities for social interaction.

On Rivendell working from home will not mean social isolation - you can work from home surrounded by beautiful landscaping and spectacular views, and during breaks take a pleasant two minute stroll along a tree-lined, traffic-free avenue to a cafe or restaurant in Rivendell's vibrant village square.

The working environment will be equally pleasant for those taking up business opportunities in Rivendell's state-of-the-art climate interactive commercial building with its roof of parabolic trough solar collectors and lushly landscaped central atrium opening out onto the village square.

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