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High Quality Services
Whereas services like water and electricity have traditionally been delivered to individual homes and developments by large public (now mostly privatised) utilities from huge dams and coal-fired power stations via extensive delivery networks, Rivendell's on-site infrastructure has been engineered employing cutting edge green technologies to deliver environmentally sound services of the highest quality from 'in-house utilities'. (The economic and environmental benefits of in-house utilities is explained on the sustainability page.)

Services delivered to all premises include:
  • Solar Electricity from a Solar Thermal Cogeneration Plant
  • Solar Hot Water from the Solar Thermal Cogeneration Plant
  • Potable Water from on-site rainwater harvesting
  • Non-potable Water for toilet flushing and gardens
  • Centralised On-site Sewer and Waste Water treatment
  • Gas from a bulk storage cylinder
Cost Effective Services
While providing services that are of a higher quality and far more environmentally responsible than those provided by commercial utilities, every attempt is being made to keep the rates competitive. Our belief is that people who choose to do the right thing by the environment should not be penalised by having to pay more.

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