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Food and Quality of Life
When one considers all that is involved in putting a plate of food on the table, eating is possibly the aspect of our lifestyle that has the greatest impact on the environment. And, as eating is something we do three times a day, every day, the quality of the food we eat is one of the most important contributors to our quality of life. To be able to eat organic produce picked fresh from the garden is a great luxury. Unfortunately few of us have the time or knowhow to grow our own.

Rivendell residents, however, will have a commercial organic produce farm right on their doorsteps. In fact, some of the food crops are being integrated with the village's aesthetic landscaping. Direct marketing will mean the prices for this organic produce will be competitive with conventional (chemically grown) food sold by the major supermarket chains.

The Subtropics
The subtropical climate is unique, almost anything can be grown - both temperate and tropical fruit: everything from apples to avocados; mandarins to mangoes; jack fruit and jaboticaba; pears, persimmons and pecan nuts; passion fruit, pommelo and papaya. And fresh vegetables keep coming year round - we even pick lettuces in the middle of winter (when daytime temperatures average over 20°C)!

Rivendell Organics
Rivendell's farm is already up and running as a fully commercial operation, undertaking research and development in the field of intensive organic production systems and supplying fresh organic produce under the name 'Rivendell Organics' to local retailers and the Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne markets. Click here to visit the Rivendell Organics website.

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