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Green open space on your doorstep.
Surrounded by 12 acres of lush subtropical landscaping, every home will open out onto a park with extensive lawns for recreation and relaxation.

Even though it is vital for people to be able to nourish
themselves by going to walk, and run, and play on
open greens, if the greens are more than three
minutes away, the distance overwhelms the need.
       Christopher Alexander

Artist's Impression

Pedestrian Amenity
Careful planning for the kind of pedestrian amenity that provides access by proximity, rather than by transport, will create an extremely convenient and pleasant lifestyle. There will be no through traffic and residents will rarely encounter a vehicle as they stroll around the village. Rivendell's compact design means that nothing is more than a 3-minute walk away, and most places are considerably closer.

Rivendell Homes
Renowned environmental architect, Tone Wheeler has designed beautiful homes and commercial premises to suit the Northern Rivers' subtropical climate and our contemporary lifestyle, setting new standards of comfort and environmental performance.

The quarter-acre block comparison shows that Rivendell's seemingly small residential lots, in fact, afford almost the same amount of outdoor amenity space as the traditional Australian suburban quarter-acre block - but require only a fraction of the maintenance. Not only that, Rivendell residents will enjoy far greater privacy in their homes and backyards than the residents of conventional suburban houses or inner-city terraces.
> Click here for the quarter-acre block comparison

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