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While Rivendell's planners are doing everything possible to facilitate residents operating their own businesses, there are also a number of specific business opportunities being created:

  • Guest House
  • Café / Restaurant / Wine Bar
  • Interpretation Centre
  • Corner Store / Organic Grocery
These will be housed in Rivendell's purpose designed commercial complex - a state-of-the-art climate interactive building with parabolic trough solar collectors on the roof and lushly landscaped central atrium opening out onto the Village Square.

There will be several other commercial spaces for rent within this building and residents will also be able to operate businesses from shop fronts attached to residences fronting the Village Square. Possibilities include:
  • Health practitioner
  • Exercise studio
  • Gift / Book store
  • Craft shop / Art gallery
  • Business planning services
  • Accounting / Tax Services
  • Multi Media/ Graphic Designer
  • Life Coach/Personal development/Counselling services
There is also the opportunity for investment in rental property - both business and residential.

Bed & Breakfast Establishments
Outside of the village's commercial zone there will be a limited number of licences for residents to operate Bed & Breakfast establishments from their homes.

Light Industry
While we see food processing as an industry ideally suited to locate next to the Rivendell organic farm and utilise the waste heat from the village's solar thermal generator, there are any number of other light industries that would also be suitable.

The Rivendell Business Advantage
Given the kind of world-wide interest that Rivendell is starting to attract, green business locating on Rivendell will gain a significant marketing advantage. There will also be substantial capital cost savings as businesses will be able to simply tap into the village's solar power and other green infrastructure, rather than having to provide it all themselves in stand-alone set-ups.

Rivendell is also ideally located to take advantage of the eco-tourism being generated by the magnificent natural wonders of the Northern Rivers. Its unique design and use of innovative green technologies makes Rivendell ideal for tourism ventures with a strong sustainability, health or educational component.

Expressions of interest are being sought from those who would like to take up a business opportunity on Rivendell. Please contact us via the application form.

If you require more information, please download the Business Opportunities Overview PDF.

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